Walk 1 – Finding Signs Of Life in Winter

DATE: Saturday 7 January 2023. TIME 10.00 Whose bright idea was this 'Walk For All Seasons'?! There is nothing to see in January. Can we please fast forward to March! There is no denying it....January has a bit of an image problem. Low sun, short, cold days, nature in hibernation mode and the post-Christmas blues are not exactly major selling points. We can't even rely on a sprinkling of snow lifting our spirits anymore. But fear not January, help is at hand! This walk aims to prove that flashes of colour and life can still be found in the depth of winter.....if you know where to look. Some plants are even looking their most majestic at this time of year, so it would be such a shame to miss their great show. Why not join us for this winter warmer to discover some winter magic and help rekindle our love for January.

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Walk 2 – Wassailing Orchards Walk

DATE: Tuesday 17 January 2023. TIME: 14.00 Come and join our local Heathlands Reunited rangers at Shortheath Common, Oakhanger to discover more about this traditional tree blessing ceremony, which also helps ring in the New Year. There will be a toast to nature and celebration of the way it changes through the seasons over the course of the year.

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Walk 7 – Walking In The Shadow Of The Downs

DATE: Saturday 18 February 2023 TIME: 10.00 This is a flat, easy, figure of 8 walk in the shadow of the Downs. There are few places more beautiful than the churchyard of St Mary’s Bepton to have a coffee mid-way through a walk. The pastoral scene of sheep lazily grazing the fields leading up to the Down has not changed in centuries.

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Walk 8 – Spring Into Spring with a Sunday Social Stroll

DATE: Sunday 12 March 2023 TIME: 14:00 Would you like to fill that quiet downtime between 2 pm & 3 pm on a Sunday afternoon? Need encouragement to go out for a walk? Not fit but enjoy walking and would love some company along the way? Well, this gentle walk and talk around town with the Social Strollers will help you get started and provide a cuppa at the end.

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Walk 9 – Bridge Over The River Meon

DATE: Tuesday 28 March 2023 TIME: 10:00 Although allied leaders met in the Meon valley to agree D-Day plans, we are pretty confident none of the bridges on this walk were built by prisoners! There might however, be hostilities in the beautiful chalk stream waters beneath your feet as the Meon is famous for its fierce predator: the Brown Trout. Hopefully, as January to March is spawning time, the trout will be otherwise engaged laying eggs in the gravel rather than hunting down small fish and insects.  As you head in the direction of Beacon Hill you might also catch sight of a much bigger fish…..one very clearly out of water. Keep your eyes peeled!

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