Walk 8 – Spring Into Spring with a Sunday Social Stroll

DATE: Sunday 12 March 2023 TIME: 14:00 Would you like to fill that quiet downtime between 2 pm & 3 pm on a Sunday afternoon? Need encouragement to go out for a walk? Not fit but enjoy walking and would love some company along the way? Well, this gentle walk and talk around town with the Social Strollers will help you get started and provide a cuppa at the end.

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Walk 9 – Bridge Over The River Meon

DATE: Tuesday 28 March 2023 TIME: 10:00 Although allied leaders met in the Meon valley to agree D-Day plans, we are pretty confident none of the bridges on this walk were built by prisoners! There might however, be hostilities in the beautiful chalk stream waters beneath your feet as the Meon is famous for its fierce predator: the Brown Trout. Hopefully, as January to March is spawning time, the trout will be otherwise engaged laying eggs in the gravel rather than hunting down small fish and insects.  As you head in the direction of Beacon Hill you might also catch sight of a much bigger fish…..one very clearly out of water. Keep your eyes peeled!

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Walk 11 – Full of the Joy of Spring, Daffodils ….& Renewable Energy

DATE: Saturday 11 March 2023 TIME: 10.15 In contrast to most of our walks so far this year, this one has a bit more meat to it. Be prepared for a steep climb up to the Downs at the start and then another more gradual climb half way around. Our partners on this walk, Energise South Downs, are all about generating renewable energy.....and that goes for you as much as our local area!  The route has been planned around the very special wild daffodils found in West Dean Woods. Most of the flowers we see in the countryside today are much larger cultivars. Native, wild daffodils are quite rare and much smaller.

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Dartford Warbler (Sylvia undata) Singing amid gorse Surrey UK

Walk 12 – Woodlarks & Warblers

DATE: Wednesday 15 March 2023. TIME: 14.30-15.30 March dawns the start of ground nesting season on our heaths as they burst into life with bird song. You’ll be listening out for the mesmerising song of the Woodlark (Lullula arbora), and looking out for our heathland specialist the Dartford warbler. You do not need to have any prior birding knowledge as you take this gentle stroll around Broxhead Common. If you have binoculars, please feel free to bring them. Approximate distance- 3-4 km on sandy undulating terrain. Please wear sensible footwear and outdoor clothing. Well behaved dogs on leads welcome

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