“...Fast beat my heart at sight of the tall slope of grass and yews...”

Edward Thomas


If you are thinking of joining us for the Petersfield Walking Festival, here’s some useful information to ensure you get maximum enjoyment from your walks.

  1. Free – Unless otherwise stated, all walks are free.
  2. Walks Key – We have prepared a key to help you choose the most appropriate walks. The key is divided into Pace, Grading and Facilities and can be found below. This key is used on each walk description on the programme.   
  3. Pace and Grading are guides to help you choose walks suitable for your own fitness and agility levels. Walk leaders have graded their routes taking into account the length of the walk, the terrain, any obstacles that will be encountered and the intended pace that will allow the walk to be completed within the time stated. 
  4. Who Can Join – Anyone is welcome to join a festival walk. We have prepared an inclusive programme of walks so everyone should be able to find something. However, please be aware that walk leaders reserve the right to refuse participation (at the start or during the walk) to any walker if they are not suitably attired or in the leader’s opinion feel they would be unable to undertake the whole walk. Walkers under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult. 
  5. Kit – Please wear sensible outdoor clothing and walking boots or stout shoes with good grips unless otherwise stated. Carry sufficient water, sun and wet weather protection as well as some energy snacks.
  6. Duration – The duration of walks is approximate and will depend on group abilities and size.  
  7. Timing – Please arrive at the meeting point at least 10 minutes before the start of each walk. This is especially important for walks that include a bus or train journey. Walks will commence at the time given, whether all participants have arrived or not.
  8. Parking – Most walk locations don’t require paid parking, however, if payment is needed, please ensure that your ticket is sufficient should the walk run over time. When parking in villages please do so considerately.
  9. Weather – The walk leader will be at the meeting place whatever the weather. However, in exceptional weather conditions, the walk may be re-routed or cancelled to ensure your safety.
  10. Dogs – Not all walk leaders are happy for dogs to accompany walks, so please check the key for each walk. If dogs are allowed, please keep them on a non-extendable lead unless the leader agrees otherwise.  
  11. Photography – photos will be taken on walks to use in promotion of the walking festival. If you do not wish to be included in these photographs, please indicate this to the photographer.
  12. Medical – If you have any medical conditions, please either alert the walk leader and advise them of any medication you are carrying, or ensure you have this information noted on a piece of paper on your person/in your backpack, so the leader can search for it in an emergency situation. Your health remains your responsibility at all times.
  13. First Aid – Please be aware that walk leaders are not first aid trained. In the event of an emergency, their role will be to provide basic care and to call in professional help.
  14. Toilets – The countryside is not well-known for its modern toilet facilities. Some walks are short enough to hopefully not need toilet breaks, others pass pubs/cafes where you might be able to use their facilities if you buy something. If there is no mention of a stop in a walk description please be prepared for ‘wild-wees’. 
  15. Alterations – Petersfield Walking Festival reserves the right to alter the festival programme without prior notice. The details in this year’s programme are correct at the time of listing online.
  16. Walk Leaders – Please be aware that all our walk leaders are volunteers.
  17. Risks & Liability – All walkers walk at their own risk and neither Petersfield Walking Festival nor their walk guides can take responsibility for personal injury or loss or damage to any property.
  18. Countryside Code – To help respect, protect and enjoy the countryside we advise you spend a moment refreshing your knowledge of the Countryside Code
  19. Biosecurity is another important issue we all need to be more aware of. To help prevent the spread of diseases (like Ash Dieback), that have had a devastating effect on our countryside, we recommend you follow government advice on what to do when out on a walk.


If you don’t know the local area, selecting the ideal walks for your enjoyment might be a bit of a minefield. We have designed the keys below to help you identify the right fits for your level of fitness, areas of interest and specific requirements. We hope you find it useful. If you have any specific queries not addressed below please email us at: admin@petersfieldwalkingfestival.co.uk




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This free walking Festival would not be possible without the financial support from many organisations and without the time given by the amazing group of people who lead the walks and those who have helped behind the scenes.

Thank you to all those who have played a part in bringing this festival to life.