Walk 14 – Get Energised By The South Downs (WALK)

  • DATE: Monday 22 August 2022

  • TIME: 05:15

  • START LOCATION: Steep Village Hall

  • WHAT3WORDS/GRID REF: ///restrict.bulletins.hoot; SU740 253

  • DISTANCE: 2.25 miles

  • DURATION: 1 hour 45 (including time watching the sunrise)

Start your day/week with an energy boost, by WALKING up to the Poet’s Stone on Shoulder of Mutton in time to watch the sun rise over the South Downs. This is a two-pronged ‘attack’ of the hill, with runners starting at the same time from the centre of town. If our planning is correct, we should all reach the Poet’s Stone at around the same time. Hopefully we’ll all spur one another on to reach the top. Your leaders are founding members of Energise South Downs, the area’s recently established renewable energy co-operative, proving that they practice what they preach when it comes to generating energy in the community!

Walk Key

Please look at the festival website ‘Information’ page to understand the walk key, what to wear, advice on medical information, weather plans, arriving before the scheduled departure time etc before deciding if you would like to join this walk.

Walk Pace


Walk Grade

A challenging walk, suitable for fit walkers with some experience. Steep gradients and uneven surfaces to be expected

Circular walk

Dogs on lead welcome

Walk Leader

Energise South Downs’ is a Community Benefit Society whose vision is to cut carbon emissions within the South Downs, and surrounding areas, by replacing carbon intensive energy with community owned and generated renewable energy.

No matter how energy efficient our homes are we still need to use energy, but we can choose where that comes from. Renewable energy is the obvious green choice as it will never run out, does not produce carbon dioxide nor discriminate between rich and poor. However, generating renewable energy in the community goes one step further as it puts people at the heart of the energy system. It brings them together to take democratic climate action by understanding, generating, owning and saving energy. Building a zero-carbon energy system from grassroots ensures inclusion, transparency and trust – all vital ingredients of success. 

If you live in and around the South Downs and would like to know more, contact Energise South Downs by emailing hello@energisesouthdowns.co.uk