Walk 27 - Slow Ways

midhurst common
  • DATE: Saturday 10 June 2023

  • TIME: see details below

  • LOCATION: See details below


  • DISTANCE: 11 miles

  • DURATION: 5 hours walking plus time for travel and breaks 

Slow Ways is an initiative to create a national network of walking routes connecting all of Great Britain’s towns and cities as well as thousands of villages. Using existing paths, ways, trails and roads, people can use Slow Ways routes to walk or wheel between neighbouring settlements, and combine them to create longer distance trips. It’s designed to make it easier for people to imagine, plan and go on walking journeys.

There are currently over 8,000 Slow Ways stretching for over 120,000km. This network of routes was created by 700 volunteers during the Spring 2020 lockdown, creating a unique Slow Ways map in the process. 

For the 2023 Big Green Week Petersfield Walking Festival has teamed up with PeCAN  & MiCAN (fellow walkers/environmentalists in Midhurst) to create a new Slow Ways walk linking our two towns along the Rother Valley.

Because this is a joint walk we have two walk leaders. Malinka will be leading a group from Midhurst to Petersfield and Michele will be doing Petersfield to Midhurst. If everything goes to plan the two groups should cross over around time for a break. This should coincide with us being on the one section of footpath that runs along the former railway line that previously connected our two towns.

The question is which way will you choose to walk?

The meeting time/place for the walk START will depend on your choice of direction of travel. Your options are:

9.00 @ Midhurst Grange (walking to Petersfield)

9.00 @ Petersfield Market Square (walking to Midhurst)

As this is a linear walk you will either need to take the bus at the start/end of the walk or arrange a lift with a family member. Being Big Green Week we would naturally love as many people as possible to take the bus, but the choice is yours. 

For your information, walk leaders Michele and Malinka will be taking the bus at the start of their walks. If you would like to join them details are:

Malinka – 08.32 bus to Midhurst from Specsavers in Petersfield Market Square

Michele – 07.55 bus to Petersfield from The Grange Car Park, Midhurst. As this bus is quite early walkers will grab a quick breakfast in Petersfield before setting off at 9am from the Square.

If you would prefer to take the bus at the end of the day rather than the start here is the timetable.There are quite a few options for the afternoon so you won’t have trouble getting back again.

We hope you will come and join us as we travel the slow, traditional way home!

Please note there are separate booking links below according to which direction you would prefer to walk.

Walk Key

Please look at the festival website ‘Information’ page to understand the walk key, what to wear, advice on medical information, weather plans, arriving before the scheduled departure time etc before deciding if you would like to join this walk.

Walk Pace


Walk Grade

Gentle rolling landscape, walking on paths with good to average surfaces. Some gentle slopes

Dogs on Lead

Walk Leaders

Malinka from Rural Strides is a co-organiser of the walking festival. Rural Strides was set up to promote the beauty and variety of the local Weald and Downland area, as a walking destination close to London. With a wealth of knowledge of local routes, hidden gems and where to find nature at its best in every season, Rural Strides is your ideal walking companion for the Hampshire/West Sussex borderlands.


Michele Facer lives in Midhurst and is passionate about walking, so much so, she has recently published a beautiful book called “Circular Walks Around Midhurst”. She particularly enjoys long walks, which is why her book includes so many options to extend routes. In summer, Michele will often be up and out at sunrise and happily complete a 20km walk before breakfast! You can find out more about Michele and her book on her website www.findingfootpaths.com

Michele is also a founding member of Midhurst Climate Action Network (MiCAN)