Walk 36 - What's Under Your Feet?

  • DATE: Thursday 13 July 2023

  • TIME/START: 10.33 bus to Havant from Specsavers – getting off at QECP

  • DISTANCE: 5.5 miles

  • DURATION: 2 hours 30 mins walking plus breaks

How often do you look down at what you are walking on rather than the view ahead? I’m guessing not often….unless it’s muddy and you are watching where to put your feet.

At our end of the Downs it can be quite interesting to study what’s underfoot as our geology is quite varied. Even between QECP and Buriton there are 5 different types of chalk – not that the differences are perhaps easy to spot. Join this walk to learn more about chalk in general and the other types of rock along the route back into Petersfield. We’ll be paying attention to how the path changes and looking out for clues in the buildings too. 

Maurice Curry recently retired after nearly 40 years in the oil and gas industry.  Although always based in the UK he has worked on exploration projects as far afield as Russia, Kazakhstan, Libya and most recently the Black Sea, as well as extensively in the North Sea and Atlantic margins.  By no means a local geology expert, he does hope he can give an overview of the conditions and processes that have produced the landscape around us.  Always a keen hillwalker, his most recent big trip was to the Italian Dolomites in 2019, but is most often out walking with Dexter the poodle.


Walk Key

Please look at the festival website ‘Information’ page to understand the walk key, what to wear, advice on medical information, weather plans, arriving before the scheduled departure time etc before deciding if you would like to join this walk.

Walk Pace


Walk Grade

Gentle rolling landscape, walking on paths with good to average surfaces. Some gentle slopes

No dogs

Walk Leader

Malinka from Rural Strides is a co-organiser of the walking festival. Rural Strides was set up to promote the beauty and variety of the local Weald and Downland area, as a walking destination close to London. With a wealth of knowledge of local routes, hidden gems and where to find nature at its best in every season, Rural Strides is your ideal walking companion for the Hampshire/West Sussex borderlands.