Walk 53 - Leaf Fall

sweet chestnut
  • DATE: Sunday 29 October 2023

  • TIME: 09.30

  • START LOCATION: Durford Heath Car Park

  • WHAT3WORDS: ///motivates.flopping.gent

  • DISTANCE: 13 miles

  • DURATION: 7 hours

Join the Sussex Sunday Walkers group for this beautiful autumnal colour walk.  The walk route weaves its way through a variety of coniferous plantation, mixed woodland and Sweet Chestnut coppice between Durford Wood and Milland. The village of Milland offers many opportunities for lunch midway. There’s the Rising Sun pub and community cafe or a selection of benches if you prefer to bring your own. After lunch it’s a climb up out of the weald back onto the sandy wooded ridge above, passing the church in the wood, crossing Chapel Common and finally walking along Rake Hanger back to cars.


Walk Key

Please look at the festival website ‘Information’ page to understand the walk key, what to wear, advice on medical information, weather plans, arriving before the scheduled departure time etc before deciding if you would like to join this walk.

Walk Pace


Walk Grade

Varying landscape with some more challenging slopes. Suitable for keen walkers or anyone who is reasonably active

Dogs allowed

Walk Leader

Dave Daniels

David Daniels looks after the Walks Programme and Communications for the Sussex Sunday Walkers. The group’s history goes back almost 100 years as they started out in 1926 as the The Society of Sussex Wealdmen. In 2016 the Wealdmen became the Sussex Sunday Walkers, which is a slight misnomer as their membership stretches from Dorset to Chicago, Illinois via Hampshire, Kent and Surrey. They do, however, only walk on Sundays come hail or shine….unless it happens to be Christmas Day!